Many Threats.  
One Solution.

From theft and fraud to broken processes, the threats to your bottom line are constant.  With a tough economy and an even tougher budget to make, can you really afford a “business as usual” approach to loss prevention and security?  There’s a smarter way to protect your assets and quickly identify and eliminate conditions that cause losses, kill productivity, and erode profits.

King Rogers Group, LLC (KRG) provides intelligence-driven loss prevention and security solutions to arm you with information for action.

Your Business.

Retail to restaurant.  Small business to national brand.  No matter your industry or size, KRG has loss prevention and security solutions to fit your needs and budget.  Whether it’s a short-term project or providing interim loss prevention or security management, our team of experts blend real-world experience, with the skills and resources to get the job done right the first time.  

KRG can develop custom solutions for your organization, or amplify the efforts of your existing Loss Prevention or Security Department.

“The overall expertise they have in loss prevention strategies and procedures, combined with their dedication to customer satisfaction, make them an excellent partner.”

— Scott Henry – Analyst, Qdoba Corp.